This is Pacy-Man Challenging Platformer.

It's hard so WATCH OUT!!!

Please tell us your comments and suggestions.

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just perfect!

the bad graphics do not spoil the game at all. However, the hitboxes of the spades could be better done because they are of capital importance.

yea you're right.

But anyways if you hit the square box it will just not give u a small delay that is it.

Thanks for your comment!

Maybe if you put the spikes at the same level of the ground the game dificulty would be more fair.

I accidentally went up through the water  and waiting for the character go down tested my patience.

The physics felt really nice

I gave up on level 3 


Ya the purpose for it was to be challenging :)

Well for me as the developer it took me time also to win.

Thanks for the suggestion though, really appreciate it!

And it's one of my first games so i am trying!